He’s adorable.

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Yay random gif thingy again

1. Open your gif folder.

2. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through your gifs (without looking!).

3. Stop. Use the gif you’re on.

How your life was 5 years ago:


Your life at the moment:


Your life in 5 years:


Your 1st boyfriend:


fuck yeah

How your relationship will end:



Your future husband:


Well, if I can’t have Loki…

You on your wedding day:


Your mother/father in law:

You finding out you’re pregnant:


I have mixed emotions.

Your husband’s reaction when you tell him:


It doesn’t work that way, Thor…

Your first child:


Your kid leaving home:


You on your 25th wedding anniversary:


You finding out you’re going to be a grandparent:


You on your death bed:


Aww little Thor lolAnd little Hulk ;o;

Aww little Thor lol
And little Hulk ;o;

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